Famous People From Regina Idaho

If you are thinking about going to a Super Bowl Party this year, Famous People from Regina Idaho may be your type of crowd. I have been there for two Super Bowls and there are always at least 80 guests over at the tables. As the saying goes, “Let the football games begin.” My wife is an avid fan and will always watch with her. So we have a good crowd when the games start and they are often small, but full of fun and enjoying each other’s company.

Famous people from Regina Idaho

What will you do on Super Bowl Sunday? Plan a night of TV, movies, or good old fashion board games and pizza. There are so many things to do it seems. And it only gets better when you go to dinner afterwards. It’s a win-win situation all around.

When I was growing up, my favorite meal was steak and potatoes in the evening. We would go to our neighbor’s house and stock up on as many fresh vegetables as we could. And for dessert every night, we would have what was called the board of provender. This would contain peaches, pears, and bananas that were baked low carb and low fat. For the big game, we would set up a buffet spread and fill it with a variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and pudding.

It was all thanks to one particular person that I have so many fond memories of. My wife and I have gathered many of her many famous people from Saskatchewan and now we plan to do the same for this year’s Super Bowl in New Orleans. She has asked that we not tell anyone what we are doing. She even says that she does not want the embarrassment that some might feel if we are spotted. However, there are so many famous people from Saskatchewan that we can probably use our best secret code name and make ourselves invisible to the paparazzi.

Some of our favorites include John Denver, Frank Sinatra, Diahann Carroll, Herb Ellis, Waltz de Leon, and of course Elvis Presley. I have always loved Elvis and his music and his persona. My wife and I also love the fact that he was brought up in such a beautiful home in California. All of these celebrities could definitely have their own dinner party if they wanted to. We are hoping to reserve a room at a local restaurant in the area so that we can invite the world’s famous entertainers while we are there.

In addition to the meal, we plan to give each guest a free camera and tape their dinner experience. So far, we have written a book about cooking and recipes for the people who attend our event. And we are creating a DVD just for them. All of these famous people will surely make our little dinner party an unforgettable one. Our hope is to see everyone there and to have the most wonderful time possible!

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