Annual Events of Marsing, Idaho

Annual Events in Marsing Idaho

There are plenty of interesting things to do in Marsing Idaho. In fact, you will find that this community has everything from the smallest art fair to one of the largest national history gatherings. The yearly events in Idaho generally range in size from a small Family Fest to a large regional show. Of course there is always one that has everything and anything you want. This article will discuss some of the events that happen in and around the greater Marsing area.

One of the first annual events to consider for your family is the Marsing Film Festival. This is an all day event held in mid-January. It includes a wide variety of local independent films from around the world. If you have never been to the film festival before it is something worth watching with your entire family.

Another event that you should attend is the Marsing Food & Wine Festival. This is held in late January or early February. This is a great event to attend if you enjoy fine food and wine. You will find a large selection of local wines and foods available at this event to enjoy with your family.

Of course the annual Mountainfilm Festival is a popular event in Marsing. This takes place during May or June. A variety of musical acts will perform as well as comedians and demonstrations on many different types of film. Music lovers will enjoy this.

One more event that you may not have even thought about is the Marsing Beer Festival. This takes place in late May or early June. This festival is not associated with a particular beer brand but instead includes multiple breweries from around the state showing off their finest products. It is truly an experience to attend and one of the best ways to spend a day with family and friends.

There are many other events to take in and enjoy in and around Marsing. If you enjoy seeing and being among the community and the surrounding area, these are the events for you. Plan a vacation for next year and make sure you check in and see all that Marsing has to offer!

There are many more local and annual events to enjoy. For example there are the Marsing River Festival, Marsing Turkey Trot, and the Marsing Tournament. Each of these events offers something different. For example the festival and parade are all about going back to the roots of Marsing. The turkey trot is a fun event that is held early in the morning and participants are asked to sprint in the direction of the river.

One of the most exciting events to take in is the Marsing Film Festival. This is held in late May. The movie night will feature local films of all types. These films can range from historical documentaries to comedy films. This is a great opportunity for the whole family to enjoy a night of family and community fun. It is not too often that a town that is relatively small like Marsing can have so much fun!

In conclusion, if you are looking to plan an event for your next company picnic or get together consider planning one of the Marsing Annual Events. They are plentiful and offer something for everyone. These events also include fun for the entire family.

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