Idaho Annual Events

Annual Events in Nampa Idaho

In the springtime of every year, people from all around the world, and from everywhere in between, gather to attend Annual Events in Nampa Idaho. Some of the events that can be found are School Activities, Sportsfest, Wine Country Film Festival, Wine Fest, and a number of cultural programs. These events provide entertainment and education for people from all ages. Visitors to this area of Idaho will find that these Annual Events in Nampa Idaho are filled with fun, family-oriented activities and attractions.

School Activities: Nampa is home to more than one high school, which means that each school participates in many different activities throughout the year. Students can participate in field trips to various parks, playgrounds, recreation areas, and so much more. In January, students will learn about the history of Idaho, and the rich culture that has shaped this small but mighty state. As they prepare for their Homecoming ceremonies in April, they will experience what it means to be an American…as well as learn about their own identities and individual talents.

There are also sports festivals in Idaho that occur throughout the year, such as the Idaho State Fair & Rodeo in January, and the Snake River Raceway in June. Both of these fairs have horse shows, tractor pulls, and different rodeos. Also in June, there are the Idaho State Fair & Rodeo in Idaho Falls. It is the third largest agricultural fair in the country and attracts some of the top livestock and cowhers in the nation. This is the place where you will find the best in rodeo!

Community Events: Idaho has many wonderful community and neighborhood organizations. Some are more local than others, but there are always plenty of them that provide great networking opportunities. You will be able to attend religious meetings, educational seminars, and even do fundraisers at these events. Many also offer wine tasting, and other food events.

Sports: There are several major sporting events in Idaho. Football is the most popular, but you will find other sports such as ice hockey, basketball, baseball, and soccer. For the kids, there are always baseball, softball, and volleyball tournaments. The more competitive kids are, the more likely they are to sign up for a sports team in high school, or sign up for college.

Even if you aren’t from Idaho, we’re sure that there are plenty of annual events that interest and appeal to you. Why not take advantage of all of the things available to you? Our state offers everything from beautiful scenery to amazing people to world-class dinning and nightlife. Come see for yourself! We’ve got events happening everywhere in the state.

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