Bars in Idaho – Great Places to Enjoy Your Time

Bars in Marsing Idaho

Bars in Marsing is a fantastic place to enjoy your vacation, especially if you are an outdoors lover. Bars in Idaho are located everywhere, from the snowcapped mountains to the beautiful desert. And of course, they serve all kinds of beer, wine and liquor. In addition to enjoying great drinks and snacks, you can also spend time with your friends at the bars in Idaho, explore new spots, and maybe even start a new hobby.

One of the best places to head to is the Willows Bar in Marsing. This bar features both indoor and outdoor space for drinks and outdoor games. There are four different floors, and each floor has comfortable seating and plenty of light. There are also a couple of tables and stools that feature their signature retro backs.

The Moonlite Lounge in Idaho offers the same relaxed atmosphere as the previous bar listed above. However, the interior is much different. The walls and ceiling are painted neon green. There are also modern day amenities like a coffee machine and microwave oven. Outside, there is a huge patio area where you can enjoy the view of the city. There are also tables near the pool where you can enjoy a romantic dinner.

The Lucky Labrador in Marsing is also a great place to go when in Idaho. You can enjoy the indoors with a cocktail while listening to live music from a variety of bands. Outside, there is an open space that is perfect for sports fans and other outdoor activities. Plus, the bar itself is decorated with red and black dogs that are waiting patiently outside.

For those who love to entertain, The Rum Depot in Marsing is your authentic place to go. The bar itself features three levels, which are separated by a sliding glass door. There are two levels that house the liquor, wine, and beer selections. On your way up, you can enjoy a cocktail on the terrace or grab a beer from the cooler.

Finally, if you want to relax, The Lodge at Marsing is the perfect choice for you. It features two levels, which offer a combined seating for eight. There is a cozy fire pit that is surrounded by soft cushions on the benches. There is also a fireplace outside, which will allow you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. There are eight stools for you to choose from so there is sure to be a size that will fit your needs. These bars in Marsing are perfect for groups, large parties, and family gatherings.

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