If you’re remodeling your bathroom to make it more accessible, remember to consider bathroom design for elderly and disabled. Space is a bigger problem as you get older as opposed to when you’re younger. Look at some pics of normal bathrooms below. It doesn’t have to be hard if you have a bit of imagination.

bathroom design for elderly

Bathroom designs for elderly and disabled are changing all the time. When people remodel their homes, the usual first thing you notice is often the floors. But you don’t have to stick to the usual white or beige. There are so many things you can do to give the illusion of freedom and even more options with elderly and disabled bathroom features. You may not want to change everything, but just adding or changing a few things will add accessibility and safety to your bathroom.

When remodeling to make it more accessible, look for walk-in showers. Many homes already have them, but it may not be in the best shape. If there’s no bathroom in the basement, look for one that’s close to the door. If you’re remodeling a bathroom on the second floor or higher, a walk-in shower in the main room is best. The door can either be handicap accessible or non-handicap accessible. If you’re remodeling an upper story, the stairwells may already have them, so see if they are wheelchair accessible.

A lot of home remodeling companies focus on kitchen remodels these days. But if you’d rather preserve the character of your older homes, consider bathroom ideas like putting in a handicap bathtub. In Sonnenburg, SC, there is a home remodeling company called Sonnenberg Remodeling that offers bathroom remodeling services for people who have physical disabilities. They can install a walk-in shower, if you have a handicap tub or install a walk-in bathtub for you and a disabled member of your family.

If you’re thinking of updating your house but don’t know where to start, ask your contractor if he or she could help you in designing a bathroom especially for the elderly and disabled people. Contact your local SC bathroom contractor now and find out how they can help you. In some cases, there may be financing available from the federal government. Find out what kind of assistance you can apply for.

Another option is to hire a home safety specialist, such as a slip and fall attorney. There are laws specifically designed to make home safety a priority. Consult with someone who knows about bathroom remodeling and home safety, if you don’t have a professional to consult with. If there are children at home, it’s important that you make your home as safe as possible, and this includes a walk-in bathtub.

Some elderly homeowners choose to remodel an entire bathroom to make it more accessible. This doesn’t always mean changing the floor. Instead, you might consider adding grab bars in the shower, a low rise shower barrier, raised toilet and bath, and other accessibility features. New bathroom lighting and mirrors can also make it easier for the disabled person to shave, bathe, or brush their teeth. A walk-in bathtub and shower may be the best choice for elderly home owners in terms of practicality and safety.

If your home has these kinds of features already, why not remodel it to make it friendlier for the elderly? Your contractor can give you good ideas on what friendly designs elderly homeowners want. It may take some thought, but you can make your home more accessible. You don’t need a lot of money to make a difference. A few extra bathroom designs for elderly homeowners is all it takes.

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