Bathroom Design For Small Bathrooms – Tips to Make Your Bathrooms Look Larger

The perfect bathroom design for small bathrooms is one that provides a luxurious appeal and relieves all your stress and worries about having to look into it daily. Small bathrooms need more care and caution for the kind of flooring and walls that you need to work on. Small bathrooms may be constructed on a small budget but designing has to be done carefully to avoid spending more money than you have. One of the most common mistakes in bathroom renovations is planning and choosing the wrong tiles, wall tiles, faucets, sinks and fixtures.

bathroom design for small bathrooms

The use of fibreglass and non-metallic materials in the construction of a bathroom makes it easier for you to build it at a cheaper cost and at the same time provide it with a greater appeal. A wide variety of bathroom designs is available for your choice and the combination of different fixtures and wall tiles depends solely on your choice. There are different kinds of designs such as contemporary, country, traditional and art Deco to give your bathroom a unique look. However, if you are looking for an option that is less cumbersome, then floating vanities are the best.

Floating vanities are a great example of bathroom fixtures that are designed for small spaces because they are a perfect replacement for traditional vanity units. These vanities can add great elegance to your bathroom and will be a great example of mixing functionality with aesthetics. The greatest advantage of these vanities is that they can be easily installed without any complicated plumbing work and yet can hold ample storage space.

Another bathroom feature that can be installed in smaller bathrooms is the wet area heater which can help you save a lot of water and energy costs. Also, a hot water heater can be a great example of bathroom fixtures that are less cumbersome and are highly efficient. They have a very low operating temperature and work extremely fast thus saving you unnecessary energy consumption.

Another popular bathroom accessory that can make your bathroom look larger is the wall mirrors or wall hangings. Wall mirrors can also be one of the great examples of bathroom fixtures that are less cumbersome and are highly efficient. If you want your bathroom to reflect light well then you can install glass mirrors on the walls. The most common materials used for bathroom wall hangings are white subway tiles and acrylic wall tiles. Installing these tiles on the walls in your bathroom can make your bathroom appear bigger and spacious.

Finally, the shower enclosure is another great example of bathroom fixtures that are highly functional and yet provide ample space to shower yourself properly. Shower enclosures can either be custom-built or purchased from the market. A custom-built enclosure is highly advantageous because it provides greater customization than the pre-built ones. Whatever be the case, you should always choose a shower enclosure that compliments your bathroom style and design and is easy to maintain.

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