Bathroom design is a big consideration for anyone considering fitting a disabled bathroom in their home. Bathroom design for disabled bathroom installation involves more than just choosing the right fittings, as bathroom layouts can be difficult to install with limited mobility in mind. Many disabled people struggle to walk the distance from their bathroom to the main bathroom and back. The right, disabled bathroom design will take this distance into account to make sure that disabled users can access all areas of the bathroom.

bathroom design for disabled

The first consideration when designing a disabled bathroom is the location. Disabled people have very specific body images and build ups. Some have long thin legs, while others may struggle with mobility and their height. Considerate designers will take these factors into account when designing a bathroom for a disabled person. Considerate designers will look at each body part and work out what type of disabled bathroom fitting would suit the person best.

The next consideration when planning a disabled bathroom design is the layout of the room. Look at the space available and what would be best suited for a disabled person to move around. A disabled person’s bathroom needs to have enough space for washing and rinsing, and the floor around the bathroom should not be slippery. Shower units are now available which can be fitted in a disabled bathroom to give disabled users access to the bath without having to climb over or around the bath or shower unit. If a disabled person has trouble climbing onto the shower then there are wheelchair shower units available that allow the user to enter the shower without having to climb over the side of the enclosure.

When looking at bathroom design ideas for disabled bathroom designs, remember that the bathroom is a room where most disabled people dread returning to. A disabled person may feel claustrophobic and feel that their disability is affecting their ability to visit friends and family. Consider adding grab bars to open up the bathroom and create more space. You can add extra pull-down chairs to make it more accessible and give disabled users more comfort when relaxing. Look at installing raised toilet seats, low backed toilets and low set toilets which can help reduce the stress points. It is also important to ask your water supplier to install suitable drainage so you do not have to keep spraying every time you use the toilet.

Another bathroom design ideas for disabled users is to design the bathroom for them. Look for items such as grab bars, low backed toilets and low set toilets. Consider the layout of your bathroom and what easy access can be achieved for disabled users. Make sure that your bathroom is easily accessible to people with limited mobility – make sure that disabled facilities are placed near the areas that are most used by disabled users.

There are numerous accessible bathrooms designed for disabled persons. Look into bathroom design ideas which incorporate easy to use, low-accessible showers and baths. If you have a bath, look for accessible bathroom models including bidets and hand held shower heads. These features make bathing more comfortable for disabled people.

A walk-in shower can be a feature in your new bathroom remodeling project if you have an existing walk-in bath or plan to have one installed in the future. Install an easily accessed walk-in bath and ensure that the door opens easily from either side. Install grab bars on both sides of the door to provide more safety.

Look for walk-in showers with a seat or a bench in order to make using the shower easier. Look for grab bars as well. In addition to bathroom designs catering for the disabled, there are many other accessible bathrooms available. Contact your local council or disability support group to see which accessible bathrooms they offer.

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