Bathroom design for elderly has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days when one bathroom design would suit all seniors. With today’s market offering many choices of affordable bathroom designs, it’s now possible to find the right match for every senior in your family. No longer do you have to make one hasty decision to get the wrong look for the bathroom. Elderly homeowners need bathroom designs that work for them, not the ones that cost the most. It is important to get several different opinions and estimates to ensure the best fit for your home’s needs.

bathroom design for elderly

With assisted living and long-term care being a popular option for many seniors, more seniors are turning to these facilities for some of their needs, including bathroom amenities. Since most assisted living complexes or nursing homes require independent living or toilet facilities, finding an affordable senior bathroom can be difficult. Many seniors assume they are out of luck when it comes to finding the right match for their bathroom needs, but there are options.

Independent Living Options: For seniors who have issues getting in and out of bed, falling and injury, finding an independent living area may be the right choice for them. Independent living areas are becoming more common for seniors due to the increased aging of the baby boomer population. More seniors are experiencing mobility issues as they age that may leave them unable to get in and out of bed on their own. An independent bathroom design for elderly may include stairs to assist in their entrance. If necessary, a wheelchair ramp can be installed to allow them to use the bathroom without help.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms: If you’re considering an independent living or assisted living facility for your elderly, it is important to explore all your options for a wheelchair accessible bathroom. Many facilities offer accessible bathroom features, but you may want to consider a ramp for easier access to the tub or shower. A wider door can make it easier for a wheelchair bound senior to enter and exit the bathroom.

Grab Bars: A safer alternative to a wheelchair or a walk in bathtub is a grab bar. Grab bars can be installed in several areas around the bathroom, especially near the shower or vanity. Elderly homeowners may not want to put grab bars in areas where they may fall if they must move. Installing grab bars can provide seniors with an added level of safety.

Toto Bathroom: As the name implies, a toilet remodel for aging should include a tOTO (towel inside) bathtub or shower. The tOTO bathtub is much safer than an ordinary bathtub since it offers a safety surface and a seat. A tOTO bathtub doesn’t require the use of steps. Elderly homeowners will appreciate this safety feature as they age.

Toilet: An aging-in-place bathroom remodeling project should also include an accessible toilet. If there are not a few accessible toilets available, provide an alternate restroom for seniors. If you are remodeling an older home, consider the needs of your aging loved one senior. Remember to leave plenty of room as well as the ability to bend and reach when stepping into the bathroom.

Showers: There are many options available for elderly bathroom designs. A “toile” bathroom will feature a bench under the showerhead that allows the elderly person to sit and rest. There are also showers with a walk in feature. Walk in showers allow the elderly to enter the shower while standing up. If your bathroom remodel will require more than just changing out the shower, you may want to consider choosing from one of the many accessible bathroom showers that are now available.

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