The History of Meridian Idaho

History of Meridian Idaho

History of Meridian Idaho begins at the confluence of the rivers Menominee and Snake. The confluence of these two rivers marks the beginning of the history of Meridian Idaho. The confluence marked by the Menominee River became the location for the first homestead in the new state of Idaho. Located in what is now called Pond Island, this was the first home of the Pilisaders. These early settlers built what is now the town of Meridian. The area became a winter home to the famous Idaho Stateiker.

After World War II, when the country found itself with larger cities, the downtown scene began to change. The mountains were becoming more difficult to navigate. This was not helped by an increase in the number of road accidents. These increased traffic conditions resulted in the increased number of accidents. This in turn caused an increase in the number of visitors who sought out the remote mountains for hiking, skiing and snowboarding.

With the opening in the 1940s of a portion of the Grand Canyon, the history of Meridian got even more interesting. The massive amount of mining that went on during the height of the canyonlands made it necessary for someone to come up with a way to store the ore so that it could be used for building. This led to the beginnings of what we know today as Meridian. This town became the first permanent residence of the first President of the United States.

Over the years, the history of Meridian has included some very important individuals. Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman came to the city to study. Their visit was documented in their book “presidents: Their Secret Wars.” Also, General George S. Patton, the famous WWII General, made an unscheduled stop in Meridian. He made a personal trip to see the Grand Canyon. General George C. Marshall, US Army, was the Assistant Secretary of the Interior in charge of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

John Denver is an example of a local resident who also was a part of the history. His home was near the Snake River and he used the land to shoot his stagecoaches. Today, those same mountains are still visible and are a great site for hiking, biking, and climbing.

Of course, there is more to the history of Meridian than the notable people. It is also home to some incredible mountains. Like the highest peaks in the US, the range offers breathtaking scenery and makes a wonderful destination for outdoor recreation. You can hike, snowboard, fly-ski, or simply enjoy the panoramic views and natural wildlife. The best months to visit the range are the winter months from October to February, and the summers between June and August. For your vacation in Idaho, the history of Meridian will surely make for a fascinating vacation.

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