Restaurants In Marsing, Idaho

When one thinks of restaurants in Marsing, Idaho one always thinks of the famous Idaho seafood restaurants such as Ketchum’s or Nokona’s or any number of others in Idaho. What often gets overlooked however, is the non-seafood focused restaurants that serve wonderful food and a number of them are in Marsing Idaho. The first question you may have is where are they? The answer may surprise you.

Restaurants in Marsing Idaho

Many years ago, when the large chain restaurants came to Idaho it opened up all sorts of opportunities for the small businesses along the lines of roadside diners and cafes. These types of cafes and diners still exist but perhaps not to the degree that they once did. For one reason there just was not enough business for them to continue. Still though, one can find great tasting foods from these types of restaurants and more.

One of the newer, and perhaps one of the best, are calling Zane’s Bistro and Grill. This place is located right on Main Street in Marsing Idaho and it offers many different types of food. For one thing they offer barbeque ribs, burgers, steaks, and other items. The prices are reasonable and if you have a special dinner party this would be one of the perfect places to turn. It is family oriented with great customer service.

Another great place in Marsing is called Jakes on Main and is owned by the Johnson family. This restaurant is a complete restaurant in itself. There is a full service bar and they even have a take out window. This restaurant offers Southern cooking with some items thrown in that are from Texas.

If you are looking for good seafood then you need look no further than The Ship Inn. This restaurant has been in business for over 35 years and is known for great seafood. They serve their dishes with a hint of the South. It is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. You will also find a kid’s menu and even a sit down buffet.

For those people who are looking for good Mexican food this area is known for such places as La Barra, Tortugas, and more. These great Mexican restaurants offer many choices of Mexican food. La Barra specializes in tortillas and other items. There are also many different kinds of beverages in this area so you can get something to drink while enjoying your Mexican meal.

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