Restaurants in Regina

Hotels in Regina ID offer a wide variety of dining options. You can dine at one of the many restaurants or cafes, enjoy a classy meal in a fine restaurant, take a stroll through the quaint downtown areas and even grab a quick cup of coffee at one of the coffee houses. Restaurants in Regina Idaho also offer a great variety of casual fare that you can choose from. The specialty restaurants are focused on family-oriented menus with affordable prices and delicious meals. In some of the more popular restaurants you can find international cuisine, ethnic cooking, healthy entrees and much more!

Restaurants in Regina Idaho

If you are looking for something special, you will definitely want to check out the restaurants in Estes Park and Billingsville. Estes Park is a family owned and operated restaurant that features exquisite food and drinks as well as a beautiful outdoor patio that overlooks Billingsville. Enjoy a picnic or take a trip to the Botanical gardens for a lovely day.

Billingsville is a fun place to visit with a range of outdoor and indoor restaurants. Try the delicious Thai food or relax by the fire in a hot tea house. Bring the family together with karaoke, live entertainment and local music in some of the restaurants. Billingsville offers even more when you dine in one of the stylish hotels that are conveniently located throughout the area. You can dine at one of the quaint restaurants, grab a hot drink in one of the charming cafes or enjoy a hot meal in the beautiful outdoor setting!

Downtown is an exciting place to visit. Enjoy a hectic day by dinnertime in the downtown bars or grab an ice cream at one of the ice cream parlors. While you are there, you can stop into a trendy restaurant or cafe for some fresh food and drink. The live entertainment and local music will keep your spirits high while you enjoy some quality time with your family or friends.

Restaurants in Regina also offer some fabulous events and family-friendly events for you to enjoy. Check out the exciting Oktoberfest celebration in March, or watch a hockey game or two at the new rink during the winter. If you are looking for a little excitement in the summer, you can enjoy some of the restaurants in Regina’s outdoor dining areas. Take a picnic, check out the fireworks at night or have a barbecue with the family at one of the restaurants in regina’s hot spots.

Most of the restaurants in regina are family-owned and operated. This means you can expect great service, plenty of fresh food and plenty of options for dining and entertainment. You can choose from Vietnamese, Greek, Mexican, Italian, seafood, steaks and more. So make a reservation at one of the restaurants in regina to enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals. Your taste buds will thank you!

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