Our best 5 restaurants in Boise

Aside from being the largest city in Idaho, Boise boasts of being the greatest state’s cultural hub. Boise has a contrasting cookery scene that couples the best of Northwestern customs with advanced approaches to cooking. Boise has hundreds of restaurants that suit everyone’s taste, but we will focus on the top five restaurants in this city in this article.


Chandlers restaurant was launched in 2007 by award-winning restaurateur Rex Chandler. Chandlers is a prize-winning top-end dining establishment situated in downtown Boise’s Hotel 43. This restaurant major in seafood sourced from Hawaii and Alaska, alongside prime streaks. The menu also includes fresh ingredients procured locally. It’s worth noting that it’s the delicious seafood and corn-fed steaks that earned the restaurant the award of Best Steakhouse in the Idaho Statesman’s 2013 Best of the Treasure Valley awards. The menu has over 650 wines for guests to choose from based on their preferences. Besides wine, seafood, and streaks, Chandler’s menu features a handful of diverse foods to cater to their clients’ demands. For that reason, Chandlers is rated as one of the top restaurants in Boise, Idaho.

State and Lemp

State and Lemp restaurant was established in 2013 by Jay Henry and Remi McManus, becoming one of Boise’s dining scene’s latest additions. The former is a chef, and the latter is a wine waiter at the restaurant and avails guests a five-course prixe fixe menu, with an extra paired wine menu. This restaurant is situated in a distinct triangular building. It features 22 stylish seats, underemphasized grey walls combined with elegant blond wood chairs and tables, and artworks that make it more alluring. The cuisine revolves around the finest organic, artisan produce offered in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. The menu is subject to changes every two weeks; past menus have featured foods such as lamb served with oats, fiddleheads, black sesame, etc.

The Dish

The Dish is a downtown restaurant consisting of advanced American cuisine fostered by worldwide flavors. With a cool environment, this eatery serves lunch and dinner on weekdays and dinner on Saturdays. This restaurant specializes in dishes sourced locally. The Dish menu contains lots of dishes like cucumber salad, jasmine rice, tomatoes, sprouts, red curry coconut sauce, soy roasted peanuts, which are a source of delight to the diners. This eatery is highly rated due to its mouth-watering local dishes alongside its comfy environment.


Barbacoa is a sophisticated eatery containing succulent streaks obtained locally and delicious Latin American fare procured worldwide. There are plenty of meals diners can pick from the menu ranging from chips, cowboy rib eye, borracho beans, seafood, chicken, saffron rice, etc. The restaurant offers a comfortable environment for the guests and also features lively artworks by native artists.  This what makes Barbacoa highly rated and ranked in Boise.


BBQ4LIFE restaurant came into the eatery scene when duo Brad and Sheila Taylor agreed to combine their likeness for BBQ and vegan cuisine. It was launched in 2012, and its main target was meat lovers. These folks would order mouth-watering homemade cuisine like the Big Foot sandwich, BBQ sauce on thick Hawaiian bread, etc. The eatery menu features other dishes like chocolate raspberry sauce and vegan potato salad alongside various dishes.


Boise, Idaho, has hundreds of restaurants designed to serve both the locals and the visitors. Many of the restaurants offer a comfortable environment, including entertainment. Chandlers, State and Lemp, The Dish, Barbacoa, and BBQ4LIFE are among the most prominent eateries in Boise, Idaho.

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