8 Famous People from Boise

There are quite a few famous people from Boise, Idaho. In fact, they are celebrities, politicians, and athletes that you would not know are from Boise. Here are some of them:

Aaron Paul

He is best known for playing the character Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. Due to the popularity of the hit TV series, he has a current net worth of 20 million dollars. He currently has one daughter with wife Lauren Paseklan. He was known to have made $150,000 per episode of Breaking Bad. He has been nominated for a Critics Choice Award and won a Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance on Breaking Bad.

Ernest Hemingway

Ernest served in the World War and wrote awesome novels such as The Sun Also Rises and For Whom The Bell Tolls. Not only did he win the Pulitzer Prize, he also won the Nobel Prize. His writing inspired a lot of today’s top young writers to write fiction novels.

Dirk Koetter

Dirk works as an offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. His experience in football is so broad that a lot of teams were willing to offer him huge contracts over the past few years. Fortunately for the Falcons, he has remained loyal there as he has been there for quite a long time.

George Kennedy

George starred in a number of movies including Airport, Naked Gun, and the sequel of Naked Gun. He won an Academy Award for his starring role opposite Paul Newman in Dragline. Not only did he win an Oscar for his role in that movie, he was also nominated for a Golden Globe.

Lillian Disney

If you like to watch Walt Disney movies and TV shows, you would think of the man behind it, Walt Disney. What you don’t know is that his wife Lillian Disney is from Boise. Believe it or not, she also worked at Walt Disney Studios as an ink artist. The company produced a lot of memorable characters over the years like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. They even have numerous theme parks all over the world. Thus, the couple were pretty successful.

Sarah Palin

Sarah was the ninth governor of Alaska until she resigned. She has a number of reality TV shows that she stars in. She actually graduated from the University of Idaho. Currently, she has five children with her husband Todd Palin whom she recently broke up with Tina Fey often mimics her in Saturday Night Live which goes to show how big of a star she is.

Philo Farnsworth

Philo is the man who invented the first colored television. Without him, we would not be sitting at home and watching TV shows and movies in our tubes. His discovery is one of the most groundbreaking inventions of all time.

Picabo Street

Picabo is a ski racer who has won numerous gold medals in the Olympics and World Championships back in the 1990s. She still maintains a healthy regime long after she retired from the sport.

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